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How It Works


How It Works

  • Fill out the form on the bottom of this page
  • Receive and complete the form explaining your background and needs
  • Pick the date and time for your tutoring session
  • Your tutor prepares all needed materials
  • Complete your tutoring session
Valery Biyen

"My tutor knew everything about GMAT! He gave me tons of tips and useful tricks. What was most valuable is that he tried to identify my weaknesses and did a great job eliminating them!"

Valery Biyen, 730

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Do I need private tutoring?

Private tutoring will be of the most use to those who look for a last-minute preparation. Also, apart from motivating students, our tutors provide a highly effective guidance and personal study plan based on the student’s situation.

How long is the tutoring session?

A tutoring session is 60 minutes long.

Does Cracker have any discounts for loyal customers?

Yes. Cracker will adjust the amount of discount depending on the number of sessions you are going to buy.

How will I get in touch with the tutor?

Our tutor will reach you either by phone or Skype/ Zoom.

How does a tutoring session look like?

Private tutoring is the most flexible way to get prepared for the GMAT exam. Depending on your needs, your tutor will prepare a session plan and provide you with the most useful GMAT tips. If you need assistance in the verbal part of the exam, your tutor will prepare a verbal-oriented session plan. If you fail quantitative tasks, your tutor will do his best to cover those math concepts that you have problems with.

Can I change my tutor?

Yes. However, it is highly recommended that you work with the same tutor so that he can track your progress and provide useful advice on your learning path.

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