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Valeriya B., 730

'… and what I have found most useful is the ability to communicate with GMAT tutors right through the platform…'

Hlib P., 650

'...I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Cracker Team for leading me by the hand during my preparation process!...'

Max B., 730

'...The ‘my progress’ feature helped me determine my weaknesses and work on them in the test generator...'

Lessy B., 720

'...The most precious thing about the platform is that all that mess of rules is clearly split into topics in such a way that the next topic is somewhat dependent on the previous topic, which gave the feeling of concision and coherence...'

Michael O., 680

'...Judging from the experience that I have had with the platform, I can say that it significantly boosted my score...'

Ina C., 710

'...Although it seemed to me that I was failing question after question, I hit 710 on the first try...'

Alex N., 156 (eGMAT)

'...In less than a month, I had submitted six essays, completed all courses and learnt most of the idioms attached to one of the Sentence Correction topics...'

Alex V., 740

'...When I started my real test I was a bit nervous but then managed to calm down and finished the test...'

Lily S., 720

'...When I felt I was ready to take the real GMAT, I scheduled my exam and in a week hit 720...'

Irene F., 680

'...My approach towards learning was simple: I first read all the theoretical material and watched video tutorials on a definite topic and only then did practice questions. It is important that the ratio of theory to practice is at least 1:2...'

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