Which one to choose: the Executive Assessment or the GMAT exam?


The EA is a comparatively new test administered by the GMAT, the same organization that is in charge of the GMAT exam. Briefly, the EA is a short version of the GMAT exam with certain changes in its structure and length.   


1. The EA is twice shorter than the GMAT exam. It has a smaller number of questions and only three seperate sections, which has been achieved by eliminating the Analytica Writing Assessment section. The main goal behind these changes is to focus exclusively on the test-taker's real-world skills that may come in handy in a real business environment.



2. Speaking of the content, the only difference in the two tests is that the EA does not test your knowledge of geometry. The rest of the content is fundamentally the same.



3. The adaptivity of the two tests is different. While the GMAT exam is question-adaptive, the EA is section-adaptive. 



4. Unlike that of the GMAT exam, the Integrated Reasoning section in the EA plays the same role as its other sections. Make sure to spend enough time on getting ready for the IR tasks or otherwise you risk getting a low score for the EA.



5. The preparation time for both tests is approximately the same. Although there is no geometry in the EA, it puts a special emphasis on the Integrated Reasoning section.

by Beth Wilson


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