Online GMAT is now open for registration!


As we have already discussed, the GMAC had been working hard on creating an online alternative for the regular GMAT exam. Now, the registration is open!




The main differences between an online testing and a regular testing include:



• the AWA section is not available in online testing 

• the section order of online testing is fixed (Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning)

• immediate unofficial score report is unavailable for online testing; instead, you will have to wait for up to a week to find out your score

• your online testing will not count towards the 8attempt life limit

• online testing is available 24/7

• online testing is 50$ cheaper, amounting to $200

• you can take online testing only once




Technical requirements for online testing:



• webcam (either internal or external)

• microphone

• internet connection (1 Mbps)

by Osama Samuto


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