How to tackle Critical Reasoning questions in the Verbal Section of the GMAT exam?


What does a regular Critical Reasoning question consist of? 


A Critical Reasoning question consists of three main parts: an argument, a question stem, and five answers, among which only one is correct. 



The topics of GMAT arguments may include, but are not restricted to, social issues, natural phenomena, and business. Depending on the type of question you are dealing with, an argument may consist of evidence and conclusion. In any case, it is highly recommended that you follow the algorithm below when doing a Critical Reasoning question:



1. Read the question stem and identify the type of question you are dealing with

2. Read the case and understand the plot

3. Differentiate between evidence and conclusion

4. Answer the question by using a necessary technique/ mechanism


* Every type of Critical Reasoning questions has its own strategy. It is important that you learn all of those strategies before doing the actual test. 

by Chris Hazel


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