How much time, on average, does the GMAT preparation take?


Before you have started your preparation, you may wonder how much time you will need to master the GMAT topics. As you may have heard, it all depends on individual skills and abilities, and the target score. The total amount of time required for preparation may vary from one month to more than half a year. However, in this article I will try to assign certain time value to each step of the GMAT preparation process. 






1. Decide on the study materials


As soon as you have firmly decided to take the test, make sure you get the best study materials available. The best way to learn complex concepts is to split theory and practice in the ratio of 1 to 4. It means that for every theoretical rule, either Math or Verbal, you will need to have tons of practice. Approach this step responsibly, since it will contribute the most to your future success. However, do not think too much: check several resources and make your choice. Three days will be sufficient to look through available study guides and pick your favorite. 



2. Study Math and Verbal Sections


After you have decided on the study materials, look through the contents of the books you have purchased. Count the number of topics in both sections and divide the total number of days left to the actual exam by the number of topics in those sections, and then add up to two weeks to the resulting number: you will spend those two weeks on doing mock tests and trying to boost your performance so that you hit your target score. The resulting number is the number of topics you will have to cover per day. However, since you will have to allow yourself some days-off, that number must actually be a little bigger. 



3. Mock tests


The discussed mock tests are a necessary part of the GMAT preparation process. Even if you feel that you are 100% ready to take the real test, do not rush and take at least one mock test to evaluate your chances. Mock tests will provide you with a real-test experience and allow you to feel the pressure of time, which is often more important than simply studying GMAT topics. As has been said before, two weeks is enough to complete at least two mock tests and make a deep analysis of your performance on them. 



If your preparation process goes smooth and you do not get stuck on GMAT topics, you will spend about two months on preparing for the test. However, an average test taker who has hit at least 650 for the GMAT exam has spent 2,5-3 months on drilling.


by Osama Samuto


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