How do I know that I am ready to take the real GMAT?

The GMAT preparation is a tedious process, which usually takes much time. GMAT students are often unsure about whether they are prepared enough to take the real test. So, how do you know that you are ready?




How long does it usually take to get fully prepared?


It certainly depends on how intensively you study. Studying at the rate of 15 hours per week will take you up to three months to master the needed concepts.


Of course, there are exceptions. One of our students hit 720 in just 1,5 months having started his preparation from scratch. The other student spent over 6 months to hit 630. 





If my math and language skills seem descent, can I take the test without any preparation?


GMAT math concepts do not require any deep knowledge of math rules. Instead, you will need to learn some shortcuts to arrive to the correct answer in just 2 minutes. Unfortuntaely, the odds are high that you have never studied those shortcuts at school


Although it may seem that the verbal section of the GMAT exam is all about language, the truth is it is not. You will certainly need to know some grammar rules (a lot of them!) and to have strong vocabulary, but the thing is that you will also have to learn 'GMAT-based' rules. Since the GMAT exam operates academic language, you have to be familiar with its specificities that are strikingly different from those of the 'regular' language


So, it is highly recommendable that you prepare thoroughly for the test before taking it. 





How do I know that I am ready?


Many students keep studying in hope they will polish the GMAT skill set 'to refusal’. However, you will never feel like you are 100% prepared for the test. Even when you have learnt all the concepts and mastered all the GMAT rules, you will still make mistakes due to the lack of attention. It’s natural! 


The best way to understand whether you are ready for the challenge is to take a mock test. As our experience shows, the real GMAT score usually differs from a mock test score by no more than 30 points. Hit the needed score at least twice for your mock tests and you are ready to go!

by Nataly Linch


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