How can I get a high score for my Analytical Writing Assessment in the GMAT exam?


The Analytical Writing does not often receive due attention from potential GMAT-takers because they know it does not count towards the targeted 700+ score. However, if you are applying for a PhD or Master of Arts degree, you may be asked to receive a certain minimal score for the AWA section. Moreover, your AWA score may be used by universities as an additional evaluation criterion, so skipping the section is not a good idea. 



So, what does it take to write a high-quality essay? Check the tips below.



1. Structure


Your essay will be evaluated in two stages: by a computer algorithm and by a rater. Put briefly, the rater will pay attention to logical consistency and argumentation, and the machine will check some formal aspects of your essay. These formal aspects include, but are not restricted to, the structure of your essay. It is important that your essay be organized in the right way, making it clear where a certain idea starts and where it finishes. The introductory paragraph and the conclusion of your essay must be seperate paragraphs. The description of each fallacy in the author's logic must also be represented by different paragraphs. 



2. Avoid redundancy


Non-native speakers tend to use sophisticated constructions in their language in hope to sound more intelligent. However, the GMAT does not add points for the high level of complexity of your language. The ideas in your essay should be presented clearly to the reader.



3. Do not use contractions


Make sure to avoid such contractions as can't, don't, doesn't, etc; use cannot, do not, does not, etc. instead. 



4. Argumentation


The quality of your argumentation must be on a high level. Use relevant examples and persuasive evidence to prove your point of view. Remember, you are not required to give any recommendations on, for example, how business should generally work; instead, you have to suggest the author what he or she must provide the reader with to make his or her statement logically consistent. 



5. Fast typing


You will be given 30 minutes to compose your essay. If you increase your typing efficiency before taking the actual GMAT exam, you will have more time on thinking of relevant argumentation by saving much time on typing. 



6. Do not forget to check your essay!


Although minor spelling mistakes do not count towards your score for the AWA Section, it is highly recommended that you check your essay before you submit it. Revise your wording, parallelism in comparisons and sequences, the use of transitional words, or linking words, and other grammar issues. 

by Nataly Linch


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