Often, the two tests are considered alternatives. However, some business schools will ask you specifically for the GMAT score or the GRE score. To choose the test you need, visit the official web page of the school you are applying to. In this article, we are going to talk about similarities and differences between the two tests. 




Comparative Table
















Test Structure


1. Argument Analysis (30 min)

2. Issue Analysis (30 min)

3. Math Section 1 (35 min)

4. Math Section 2 (35 min)

5. Verbal Section (30 min)

6. Verbal Section (30 min)

7. Trial Section (30-35 min)


* the Trial Section may appear anywhere throughout the test, so you never know which of the sections is trial



1. Analytical Writing Assessment  (30 min)

2. Integrated Reasoning Section   (30 min)

3. Math Section (62 min)

4. Verbal Section (65 min)


* the GMAT does not have trial sections; instead, it has trial questions within the Math Section and the Verbal Section





Test Format


Mostly computer-adaptive. The paper version of the test is offered in those few countries, where it is not possible to deliver computer adaptive testing.




Only computer-adaptive.





Verbal and Math scores vary from 130 to 170 in 1-point increments.



The overall GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800 in 10-point increments.







$275 (as of February, 2020)



Testing Time


3.75 hours (Computer) -- 3.5 hours (Paper)



3.5 hours


How Long Are Scores Valid For?


5 years



5 years




Is the GRE easier than the GMAT?


It is believed that the Math part of the GRE exam is a little easier than that of the GMAT, partly because the GRE will allow you to use a calculator for all Math questions. However, the Verbal part of the GRE will require you to memorize thousands of words to expand your vocab, which definitely takes much time and effort. Put briefly, the GRE exam will suit those candidates who have strong vocabularies, while the GMAT exam will do for those who are good in Math. 



How do I choose between the two if my target school accepts both?


To identify which of the tests suits you more, take diagnostic tests and you will see which of them is easier for you. You can visit and to get some for free. 

by Gavrilchuk Irina


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