Do I need the GMAT Enhanced Score Report?


Every test taker is granted with an opportunity to order the Enhanced Score Report (ESR) after taking the exam itself. But how do you know whether you need it? This article will help you find out. 

What is the Enhanced Score Report?

The ESR shows your GMAT performance by fundamental skills in the Verbal and Quantitative sections. The report will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in critical reasoning, sentence correction, rates, ratio, series, and  geometry


Overall GMAT Performance



Verbal Section
By analyzing your performance in the verbal section, you can see what your strong areas are and what areas need improvement. The ESR will show your sub-section rankings and time performance.



Performance by Sub-Section



Time Management



Quantitative Section
The ESR will provide the skills view in such math areas as geometry, rates, ratio, percent, sets, and series. You will see the percentage of questions of a seperate topic performed correctly in the exam. 



Performance by Fundamental Skills


Do I need the ESR?

The ESR will be useful for those test takers who have not hit their target scores and plan to proceed with their GMAT preparation. The ESR will provide them with useful information on their test performance, thus allowing them to work on their weaknesses.

by Nataly Linch


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