Yes. Regardless of the plan you have picked, GMAT Cracker allows you to experience the atmosphere of real GMAT by providing full practice tests. Also, you can compile your own practice test, in which you choose the desired number of questions and select those question types that you would like to deal with.

It depends on the experience you have already gained before starting preparation with GMAT Cracker and Prep Plan you have chosen. Usually, it may vary from 2 months to half a year.

Up to 3 hours.

Yes. A team of qualified tutors will assess your essay and leave their feedback and recommendations.

Online tutor support, available in Premium Prep Pack and Supreme Prep Pack, implies that you have an opportunity to communicate with tutors through an integrated chat.

A test generator is an integrated tool that allows you to create your own practice test. You can select questions to be included in the practice test in accordance with the question type, number of questions, difficulty level, etc.

You will receive a confirmation message with your login and password by email.

No. All the information and materials provided by GMAT Cracker are property of GMAT Cracker. Any distribution of this information will be persecuted by all legal means.

No. Your progress will not be deleted within the next 30 days after the expiration date.

No. All you need to be able to study on GMAT Cracker is the Internet connection.

The users of GMAT Cracker are provided with two books (divided into seperate PDF-files attached to different topics), video tutorials, and large bank of GMAT questions.

A live 1-to-1 session is a meeting/call with a professional tutor, during which you can discuss whole topics or seperate questions, organize your schedule, get a deep insight into GMAT, etc.

Yes. Contact support to receive more information.

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